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A message to our volunteers

Nearly 1,000 people have joined our volunteer corps and I’ve had the great pleasure to work with many of you on important magazine literacy projects that have reached tens of thousands of children and families who want to learn and love to read. Thank you for helping us to change the world – one magazine at a time!

This is a special communication intended to improve our volunteer information and organization. As an all-volunteer project, we rely on your passion and initiative for any and all success. Organizing such a large and growing group of volunteers is very challenging, and there is always room for improvement. I want to share some basic steps that can be taken to start or to continue your mission critical volunteer work.

The easiest and most important way to support our mission is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and to encourage your social networks to do the same. We are a dynamic organization with a great deal of news to share – including about the volunteer work you are doing. For example, our Facebook page notes that the students in the Ad Dynamics advertising agency are kicking off a wonderful “spring cleaning” event to mark Earth Week where magazines will be collected on campus and delivered to nearby literacy programs – it’s a great model for other schools and communities.

I’d like to ask you to do one other thing to help us better organize your volunteer experience. Click on the link below (or copy and paste it into your browser) to provide us with some additional details about your volunteer interests. Many of you have already done this, but I’d like to ask you to repeat it one more time for a couple reasons. First of all, it will help us to update our volunteer contact information with the most current information. Also, and most important, we’ve added a list of specific volunteer activities that will help us help you to get started and keep going on vital community literacy projects.

[volunteer info]

It’s important to know about your time contribution and to measure our total community impact, so please be sure to keep track of your volunteer hours here:

[Volunteer Hours]

Also – stay tuned about new developments. We are constantly innovating and sharing lessons learned to improve our operations and results. Our website and blog offer a wealth of information from our many years on the ground. We are in the process of upgrading our technology and website to better organize that information so it is easier to find and use.

Our volunteers are our lifeblood – the heart, soul, minds, hands, and feet of our literacy work. Thank you again for your amazing passion and inspiration, and for helping us to get the wonderful magazines we enjoy ourselves into the hands, hearts, and homes of children and families.

Please be in touch without hesitation if you have any questions or ideas. I am looking forward to our follow-up and continued growth together.

Best wishes,


John Mennell
Founding Director

  • Mile High Youth Corps

    501(c)(3) charity
    Needs: 30 to 100 magazines
    Magazines Requested:
    For Corps members to read to their children: -Kids -Kids Discover -Sports Illustrated Kids -Humpty Dumpty -Hop scotch for Girls -Chick-a-dee -Highlights -Hello -Turtle -Yum for Kids.
    For Corps members to read on their own: -Readers Digest -National Geographic -Sports Illustrated -Make -Men’s Health -Ebony -Kiplinger -Self -O -The New Yorker -Wired

  • Sunshine Acres Children’s Home School

    501(c)(3) Charity, School or Library
    Serve children ranging from 1st grade to college
    Mesa, AZ, USA
    Needs: 100 magazines
    Magazines Requested: any history, science, outdoors, economic, and any other educational magazines.

  • Casa Ramona Academy for Technology, Community, and Education

    School or Library
    San Bernardino, CA
    Need magazines for 22 males and 18 females between the ages of 11-16 years old
    Magazines Requested: Boys Life, Girls Life, National Geographic, Odyssey, Dig, Owl, Cobblestone, Ask en EspaƱol, Faces, Jack and Jill

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