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ShopLocket fuels Magazine Literacy Market

By Jenna Palmer

Madison, WI—, a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting literacy needs, has announced its partnership with the Toronto-based e-commerce company, ShopLocket, to open the first online Magazine Literacy Market.

MagPower Literacy MarketThe ShopLocket technology is a launchpad for’s vision to create a global literacy marketplace, where literacy programs post needs, local teams bundle and post magazines for literacy, and consumers and businesses fund delivery of magazines to literacy programs. ShopLocket has engineered an e-commerce widget and product ordering back-end, with built-in social media sharing tools, that makes possible a unified, convenient marketplace for moving wonderful magazines from anywhere to anywhere to meet literacy needs.

ShopLocket – an innovative company that is changing the face of e-commerce, has completed a $1 million seed round that includes investment from Rho Canada Ventures and Peter Thiel. ShopLocket recently joined the VIP Featured Partner Program that allows simple integration with the website, which is powered by WordPress VIP.

The seed for ShopLocket was planted when co-founder, Katherine Hague, found how difficult it was to sell a single product online while trying to sell t-shirts for her consulting company, Ninja Parade. This seed grew into ShopLocket, which is now a powerful tool for entrepreneurs throughout the world. ShopLocket makes selling products online as easy as embedding a link.

Technology is at the core of the Magazine Literacy Marketplace—it provides an arena for crowdfunding the delivery of magazines to meet the needs of literacy programs here in the U.S. and all around the world. Magazines are enormously powerful literacy resources. This new partnership with ShopLocket jump-starts the magazine exchange and moves towards meeting the world’s literacy needs. Literacy programs, publishers, and consumers and businesses will be brought together on this ingenious, elegant platform, thanks to the ShopLocket web service.

Dan Kalmar, Community Manager at ShopLocket, expressed the team’s enthusiasm for the new partnership:

“We’re really looking forward to powering the vision that has. Literacy is something that we take for granted living in a developed country, but illiteracy still affects many more people than it should. What is doing seems like such a simple concept, but those are often the causes that yield the biggest results,” he said.

The vision behind this partnership is to create a crowdfunded e-commerce engine to support literacy programs and to get magazines into the hands, homes, and hearts of at-risk children and families. founder John Mennell,, states that “this creates an opportunity to fulfill our long-held dream of sharing our love for magazines via an online marketplace.”

“We are very excited about this partnership for launching our dream of the world’s first and only Magazine Literacy Marketplace. Essentially, we are operating a literacy store with two products: packages of literacy needs for consumer sponsorship, and bundles of new and recycled magazines to meet them. Our vision is to operate a crowdfunded e-commerce platform that brings everything together in a single, global online marketplace to conduct literacy transactions. With ShopLocket’s cutting edge e-commerce technology under the hood, magazines can be ordered and sent from anywhere, to anywhere. In essence, literacy needs are on display for literacy champions—anywhere and everywhere—to browse and to procure.” is on its way to tackling literacy needs around the world. As a non-profit organization, the program depends on numerous and generous literacy champions and volunteers who are providing the opportunity for children and adults to develop a love for reading, powered by wonderful magazines.

  • A New Leaf

    501(c)(3) Charity
    Mesa, Arizona, USA
    Serving girls and boys ages 12 to 17 with reading levels 6th grade and up
    Needs enough magazines for 10 girls and 16 boys
    Magazines Requested: Any sports magazines, any car magazines, any fashion magazines, and any entertainment magazines

  • Marymount of Santa Barbara

    School or Library
    Santa Barbara, CA
    Serving male and female students from junior kindergarten through eighth grade (ages 4-13)
    Needs: Magazines for 150 students from September 15 to May 15.
    Magazines Requested: Science, current events, animals, bikes, sports, books, writing, national geographic, track, space and astronomy, aviation week, smithsonian, sports illustrated

  • Mile High Youth Corps

    501(c)(3) charity
    Needs: 30 to 100 magazines
    Magazines Requested:
    For Corps members to read to their children: -Kids -Kids Discover -Sports Illustrated Kids -Humpty Dumpty -Hop scotch for Girls -Chick-a-dee -Highlights -Hello -Turtle -Yum for Kids.
    For Corps members to read on their own: -Readers Digest -National Geographic -Sports Illustrated -Make -Men’s Health -Ebony -Kiplinger -Self -O -The New Yorker -Wired

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