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Caroline strikes literacy gold

Today I collected 200 magazines from people in my community. I have a few Highlights too! The entire bin is filled with magazines in bags. I can barely lift it!

                       — Caroline, Olentangy Liberty H.S.

When Caroline, a junior at Olentangy Liberty High School outside Columbus Ohio, volunteered to be a ambassador, she got right to work prospecting magazines in her neighborhood, and quickly struck literacy gold.

“Yesterday, I went door to door in my neighborhood and collected magazines,” she explained. “I was surprised how many people had abundant piles of magazines just laying around. In such an affluent community, we take these reading materials for granted. Education has always been very important to me and in today’s society, if you are illiterate, you have trouble succeeding. I feel that it is my moral duty to give back to others and promote literacy so they too can succeed. Everyone should have an opportunity to become educated and succeed in society to fulfill their dreams.”

By their acts of kindness, Caroline and hundreds of volunteers in communities across the U.S. and around the world are unlocking the enormous value of magazines and comics for literacy – extending the life of the publications we love to read by sharing them with children, teens, and adults via literacy newsstands in food pantries, homeless and domestic violence shelters, youth mentoring and job training programs. 


Our first recycling project was organized by a classroom of kindergarten children in San Fransisco for children at a nearby homeless shelter. We send cherished culinary magazines recycled by foodies to feed people hungry to read in nutrition education and chef job training programs. 


Beth, Dan, Eddie, and Rachel – Team Duffy outside Toronto – airlifted 2,000 Owl Kids magazines to Inuit children north of the Arctic Circle, and now operate this literacy newsstand at their local food pantry. 


We are reaching hundreds of thousands of readers – one magazine at a time, but millions more at-risk readers are waiting. 

Reading is Fundamental says that most poor children and families have zero books. With more ambassadors like Caroline, we can fix that today! 

Each night 35,000 women and children leave everything behind to seek safety in a domestic abuse shelter. With your help, We can comfort and empower them tonight!


There are over a 1 million homeless students hidden in every school district in Anerica. By your acts of kindness, we can give them hope for a better tomorrow!

Literacy ends poverty. There is great treasure in the good work that Caroline is doing in her neighborhood – it’s the gold in her heart. By her incredible caring, she is touching lives of so many eager to read and launching a thousand ships for literacy. Tell the world.

Happy Earth Month!

  • Hathaway-Sycamores’ Family Resource Center

    501(c)(3) Charity, Family Resource Center
    160 bilingual children per month ranging from a 1st to 6th grade reading level
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Needs: 160 magazines
    Magazines Requested: any nature magazines, any sports magazines, any leadership magazines, any education magazines, any travel magazines and any appropriate entertainment magazines.

  • Maryland Correctional Institution–Jessup (MCIJ)

    School or Library
    Jessup, Maryland
    Serving male adults 18-60 years of age. From pre-literacy to varying reading levels.
    Needs magazines for 30 students monthly
    Magazines Requested: Students enjoy nonfiction magazines with lots of pictures and short articles–this would include magazines about animals, geography, science, food, clothing, anything relevant to today’s world. National Geographic for Kids would be wonderful.

  • Sunshine Acres Children’s Home School

    501(c)(3) Charity, School or Library
    Serve children ranging from 1st grade to college
    Mesa, AZ, USA
    Needs: 100 magazines
    Magazines Requested: any history, science, outdoors, economic, and any other educational magazines.

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