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Jacque Howard iMAGines news boxes as libraries for Trenton and makes it so

Trenton New Jersey is a place where ideas and events that change the world spring to life – often snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. The America of today was born on a cold winter day in Trenton against all odds by the unflinching will of George Washington. Terracycle, an early friend of, was founded by Tom Szaky on the premise of turning worm waste into liquid fertilizer sold in recycled soda bottles, and now upcycles millions of consumer packages collected from schools and stores into new products for homes and industries. Martin Johnson and David Schrayer at the Isles eco-community development initiative are undaunted by their near decade-long quest to transform an abandoned century-old mill with a rich civil rights  history into a vibrant shared community space – a crucible for collaboration and the collision of important ideas to empower people to change their lives for a better future. has assembled over a million reading materials for literacy at the Isle’s Mill One location, creating the largest open literacy market on the planet.

This is where I met Jacque Howard for the first time – a man with boundless energy, intense confidence, and big transformational ideas about improving the community he loves and human lives here. Every journey, no matter how grand or far, begins with the courage to take a first step against unknown terrain. Jacque, a citizen of the world and founder of Trenton365 is an unstoppable kindred spirit who iMAGines things the way they can be and makes them so. Recently, he eyed hundreds of empty corner news boxes and imagined each as a library box of reading materials in his city where only half of high school students graduate. He has partnered with the wonderful Classic Bookstore in downtown Trenton to make this dream come true. We look forward to supporting this great idea by stocking the libraries with magazines for all ages and interests. Hear more about our meeting with Jacque during this Trenton365 interview with founder John Mennell and mentor Melanie Spence-Ayar.

Melanie was joined by her family this weekend with Central New Jersey literacy champion Marie Halder and many wonderful volunteers to sort magazines for area literacy programs.

IMG_3277 opened its first food pantry newsstand in Trenton many years ago thanks to warm hearts and open arms of those like Lorraine Smith willing to embrace a fledgling idea. Since then, literacy newsstands have been opened in food pantries and shelters, and youth mentoring and job training programs across the U.S. and around the world. With the faith and friendship of angels like Jacque and so many others, this is where we light a flickering candle against the darkness to march together into every corner of the world to end the illiteracy that feeds poverty.

Godspeed Jacque Howard – Godspeed.

  • Adult Literacy Plus Of Southwest Arizona

    501(c)(3) Charity, School or Library, Adult Education, GED
    Yuma, AZ
    Serving a minimum of 150 students a month ranging in ages from 16 to 70 years old. Reading levels range from third grade to first-year college levels. However, the most common age of students is between 19 and 35.
    Needs: Approximately 150 magazines per month
    Magazines Requested: Magazines showing places, people, and animals around the world. Any magazines about hobbies or sports. Magazines that open students’ eyes to the world around them.

  • Mile High Youth Corps

    501(c)(3) charity
    Needs: 30 to 100 magazines
    Magazines Requested:
    For Corps members to read to their children: -Kids -Kids Discover -Sports Illustrated Kids -Humpty Dumpty -Hop scotch for Girls -Chick-a-dee -Highlights -Hello -Turtle -Yum for Kids.
    For Corps members to read on their own: -Readers Digest -National Geographic -Sports Illustrated -Make -Men’s Health -Ebony -Kiplinger -Self -O -The New Yorker -Wired

  • Hathaway-Sycamores’ Family Resource Center

    501(c)(3) Charity, Family Resource Center
    160 bilingual children per month ranging from a 1st to 6th grade reading level
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Needs: 160 magazines
    Magazines Requested: any nature magazines, any sports magazines, any leadership magazines, any education magazines, any travel magazines and any appropriate entertainment magazines.

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