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How you can help literacy end poverty and more in your town

A frequent question is how to get involved with There are literacy needs in every town – in your community – that you can help to meet. Foster children and moms and kids in domestic abuse shelters, comforting families during natural disasters and rebuilding after, reaching reader’s via food pantries, homeless students, children in mentoring programs, and adults in job training programs. With titles for every reading age and interest, sharing good quality favorite magazines and comics – both new and recycled – are powerful for literacy.

Here are some ideas to guide you. Contact us for more details.

1. Literacy Ambassadors set up ongoing community operations, like a food pantry, but supply magazines and comics to readers via local literacy programs. Some great examples are our programs in Madison WI, Trenton NJ, Southern CT, Columbus OH, Palm Beach FL, and Toronto, Canada. You will find these and many more stories in our blog and Facebook page.

This is basically setting up a local literacy marketplace. These efforts require a commitment, so they can continue to support needs, where agencies rely on regular deliveries. The collection, sorting, and pick-up or delivery can happen once a month or so – even all on the same day, but the program needs to be ongoing, so literacy programs have a reliable source of reading materials. The key ingredients for success are a leadership team, a supply of volunteers, and a donated publicly accessible place to stage and sort the magazines for pick-up by or delivery to nearby literacy programs. There are some modest expenses, so fundraising is needed for that. We always keep a promise that 100% of funds raised are used to deliver reading materials to programs. The supply of good quality magazines is endless. The first task is to identify your local literacy programs and needs.

2. We have a goal to get a new magazine to every mom and child in every domestic abuse shelter (35,000 each night who stay one to two months). We are seeking teams to identify the domestic abuse programs in their local areas, get an approximate monthly count of moms and kids, and then raise the funds needed to send each child and each mom a magazine to read. When seeking safety in a shelter, moms and kids leave all they know and have behind. The magazines bring comfort and promote reading between moms and their children, which is game-changing for child development.

3. Magazine Harvest – Businesses and community organizations collect, sort, and ship good quality magazines to us. We can provide additional details.

4. Fundraising is mission critical. We can work with you to set up a campaign that you can share with your social and professional networks. 100% of funds raised get magazines and comics to eager readers via literacy programs.

Reading is where it all begins. Thank you for sharing your love of favorite magazines and comics with eager new readers.

  • Literacy Volunteers of Maricopa County

    501(c)(3) Charity
    40 individuals per month of both genders age 16 and older. Some children are immigrants
    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    Needs: 40 per month
    Magazines requested: any and all magazines.

  • Maryland Correctional Institution–Jessup (MCIJ)

    School or Library
    Jessup, Maryland
    Serving male adults 18-60 years of age. From pre-literacy to varying reading levels.
    Needs magazines for 30 students monthly
    Magazines Requested: Students enjoy nonfiction magazines with lots of pictures and short articles–this would include magazines about animals, geography, science, food, clothing, anything relevant to today’s world. National Geographic for Kids would be wonderful.

  • New York Foundling

    Foster Care
    18 boys and 24 girls
    New York, NY USA
    Needs: 42 Magazines
    Magazines Requested: LUCKY magazine, J-14, Popstar, Teen Voices, Girls Life and Sports related.

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