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Grassroots literacy teams sow the seeds of freedom, prosperity, and civility to end poverty for good, one reader, one village at a time

By Amelia Robinson

“Personally, as a first generation student, education is something I’m very passionate about, and what got me interested in volunteering at The work being done to promote literacy in the greater Madison area is critical in

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University of Wisconsin student leader Cassidy Slinger lights the way for Madison literacy

By Amelia Robinson

For Cassidy, the most important part of working with has been finding new purpose for all different kinds of magazines and comics, some of which are aimed at highly specific audiences.

Cassidy Slinger, a member of

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These amazing young magazine lovers are changing lives for good

The pictures of young volunteers getting magazines and comics ready for delivery into the hands and homes of eager readers tell our story. Join us.


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Our literacy mission according to first principles:

  • The enormous value of literacy is well understood.
  • With titles for every reading age, interest, and language, the unique benefits of printed magazines and comics for reading engagement and comprehension are well established.

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A literacy road warrior journeys down the last mile into reader’s hands

John Crouse is a literacy road warrior who won’t want this attention – but his example is too compelling not to tell the world.

Our mission at is simple – share our joy for the magazines and comics we …

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Inventing a literacy pipeline into the hands, homes, and hearts of eager readers

Like the light of the sun, it beautifies all things on which it shines, and is no less welcome in the palace than in the humblest home.

— Lewis Latimer

Just down the road from the laboratory where Thomas Edison …

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Our literacy hats off to the amazing Mid-Ohio Foodbank for eagerly receiving and delivering our magazines to new readers via food pantries, job training, nutrition education, and more. Providing near 150,000 meals a day via 650 community agencies is incredible …

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Horsing around for literacy

Thank you Mary in Connecticut for sharing your favorite magazines with our new eager readers at We love opening gifts boxes like this, which underscore why magazines and comics, with titles for every reading age, interest, and language, …

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How you can help literacy end poverty and more in your town

A frequent question is how to get involved with There are literacy needs in every town – in your community – that you can help to meet. Foster children and moms and kids in domestic abuse shelters, comforting families …

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Lean literacy

We’ve reached the point where about half the inquiries to our literacy project come from desktop computers and a full half or more come directly from mobile devices. Thanks to the amazing support and hard work of so many individuals …

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Literacy that grows on trees – how to plant a magazine literacy tree anywhere on earth to feed hungry readers

In Kolkata India, an IT company and a job training program have teamed to plant a magazine literacy tree to feed hungry readers. This is the first in a series of articles to trace their journey together, so you can

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Miss Texas hopeful has already won against illiteracy and poverty

Being a border state, Texans face illiteracy not only because of poverty, but also because of a language barrier in some cases. I really try to encourage donations of magazines in Spanish, because people who are strong readers in their

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Grabbing #literacy by the longhorns in Austin TX

Street Youth Ministry founder Terry Cole with John who told me he loves to read whatever he can.

The University of Texas motto is Disciplina praesidium civitatis. A cultivated mind is the guardian genius of democracy.

You will find …

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Changing the world, one magazine, one reader at a time

We’ve established that magazines are enormously powerful for literacy, because there are titles for every reading age, interest, and language. This table shows where English, Spanish, and French language is spoken by territory, indicating a long list of places …

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November surprise – how magazines upcycled from Seattle, Denver, Puerto Rico, and California bring literacy to Trenton NJ readers

By John Mennell

I believe things happen for reason. So, when I was driving to our New Jersey literacy warehouse, and missed my exit, ending up on Route 206 through the heart of Trenton, I abandoned the GPS and went with it. …

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Magazines and comics bring comfort and hope after the storm

We serve academically at-risk, low income families who cannot afford books and reading materials and do not have access to the internet. We strive to get families reading together. We would appreciate any magazines for Pre-K or K level and

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Hurricane Matthew

Our hearts and hands are with the millions of Caribbean and American children and families facing unspeakable devastation in the path of Hurricane Matthew. will marshal every fiber of our mission to bring comfort. Join us. …

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Getting reading materials down the last mile into hands, homes, and hearts

Delivery of magazines to the Bethany House of Hospitality location on Hamilton Ave across from Columbus Park in Trenton NJ

Trenton NJ is at the heart of our global literacy promise. Our mission to share favorite magazines sent to us …

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Palm Beach high school student iMAGines literacy at local shelters and makes it so

High school student Rujul Bharadwaj in Palm Beach, Florida is a young man on a literacy mission – a citizen of the world who iMAGines the way things can be and makes them so. Vinod Khosla, a trailblazing founder of …

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Upcycling magazines and comics to at-risk readers for INDEPENDENCE every DAY

In America today, we are celebrating our freedom and self-determination. To survive in our world, each human needs food, water, shelter, and literacy. Reading is where it all begins. Literacy is the catalyst for human dignity, productivity, prosperity, collaboration, civility, …

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This long walk from Trenton NJ delivers literacy to Jamaican school children

This year, our theme, “Steps to Advance Literacy,” serves two purposes: We’re focusing on Jamaica—a small island where big things happen—and bringing awareness to the distance students in some countries must travel each day just to get to school.

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Literacy roadtrip for summer reading

Today we are celebrating the incredible mastery of children’s illustrator Aja Mulford who created this beautiful poster for our literacy roadtrip campaign. 

Our Madison office is prepping magazines for a trip to 1,200 California kids and teens in 18 locations …

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TO: Mommy – Twelve million kids don’t own a single book in their house

By Rose Ayar

12 million children. Twelve million kids don’t own a single book in their house, and that’s only in the United States. 

When the founder of this program, John Mennell, told me and the other volunteers just how …

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Jacque Howard iMAGines news boxes as libraries for Trenton and makes it so

Trenton New Jersey is a place where ideas and events that change the world spring to life – often snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. The America of today was born on a cold winter day in Trenton against …

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Magazines for youth mentoring form bonds that last a lifetime

Scholastic and College Mentors for Kids partner to launch young dreams. 

Illiteracy means you cannot read to your child, or read instructions from your doctor, or a job application, or web page. Adults unable to read where once children who …

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Tennessee road trip yields magazines for kids and teens – and a new friend

By John Mennell

On the way back home from the Nashville Country Living Fair, I traveled near enough to a magazine recycler to make a personal pick-up. At its core, our global literacy project is about making connections between people …

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Celebrating Children’s Illustrator Aja Mulford

We are celebrating Aja Mulford – a fabulously talented children’s illustrator who is helping to bring to life. Aja’s work is so fresh and colorful. We are very excited about this collaboration and the wonderful possibilities. Stay tuned.…

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Mr. Magazine Keeps the Flame Launching a Thousand Ships Burning Bright in Every Harbor

A dear friend to so many, and most beloved voice on planet Earth for the magazines we cherish – Samir Husni aka Mr. Magazine – founder of the Ole Miss Magazine Innovation Center – is gearing up for the Act

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Earth Month: Largest literacy market on the planet opens to feed a million at-risk readers by International Literacy Day

Magazine Lovers Seed Largest Free Literacy Market on Earth

Media Release and Images

Trenton, NJ — Celebrating Earth Month on April 30 and May 1, will open the world’s largest free literacy market in Trenton, New Jersey, Columbus, Ohio, …

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Caroline strikes literacy gold

Today I collected 200 magazines from people in my community. I have a few Highlights too! The entire bin is filled with magazines in bags. I can barely lift it!


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Why give House Beautiful to a homeless person or Cooking Light to a hungry person

by John Mennell

FAQ: Why give Conde Nast Traveler or House Beautiful or Veranda magazine or Architectural Digest to a homeless person or to a family in a transitional housing program? Why give Cooking Light magazine or Food Network Magazine

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The woman and man who went up a literacy hill and came down a mountain

By John Mennell

This is the true story about a woman and a man who built a mountain of a million magazines for literacy in Trenton, New Jersey. Tell the world. 

The Garth, a Welsh mountain located near the village …

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Zoom around these photos to see the reason magazines are the most powerful literacy engines on the planet

Beautiful magazines for literacy, as far as the eye can see. Just in time for Earth Month, these photos illustrates the raison d’être for MagazineLiteracy.orgwith titles for every reading age, interest, and language, magazines and comics are

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Like Johnny Appleseed’s orchards, a Literacy Market sprouts in Columbus Ohio to feed people hungry to read


Today, with long-time friend Yogesh Ganesan, and generous supplies of beautiful reading materials from consumers, Highlights, Conde Nast, and many other publishers, we open our Columbus Ohio Literacy Market.

These wonderful periodicals are just in from Conde Nast HQ …

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These 1st – 4th Graders are College Bound

Magazine and comic book readers are enthusiasts about the titles that they read, which reflect the active interests that they are passionate about. This is why inserting magazines and comics into a mentoring relationship is so powerful – helping to …

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9/12 – Need help sorting a mountain of mags for literacy

Join us on 9/12 to sort and bundle magazines for literacy

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Eye to eye in a perfect storm, Doug Forrestal at Ryleco Displays never flinched in the face of our enormous humanitarian opportunity

Doug Forrestal and Greg Barber

As the eye of Hurricane Sandy was bearing down for its devastating landfall on New Jersey and Long Island and points north, was laying the groundwork for creating the largest free literacy market in …

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Two girls and a mom assemble magazine literacy bundles for school children in India

by John Mennell

Chloe and her mom have invited friends like Dina over to the Global Literacy Outreach Center in Madison, WI to help sort and bundle magazines and comics for delivery to readers near and far. With your

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Community Support Network lives by its name

by Murray Snyder

By opening their arms and hearts to us, the Community Support Network has taken our literacy mission to a whole new level – it’s game-changing. At our Global Literacy Outreach Center in Madison WI, receives recycled

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Wisconsin students support global magazine literacy operations

by Kristin Benz

Kristin Benz runs a program at Waunakee High School that provides hands-on vocational training to students with developmental disabilities. has had the pleasure and privilege to work with these students for the past three years who

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A young woman and her dad change the face of literacy in Connecticut

by Caroline Crouse

Caroline Crouse, a Junior at Bethel High School, and her dad run a magazine recycling operation for literacy along the Rt. 95 corridor in Connecticut. Their work with is part of a vast global logistics idea,

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Harvest TIME at the largest free literacy marketplace on the planet

by John Mennell

IMG_0516With magazines and comics provided by major publishers, consumers, and businesses, has opened the largest free literacy marketplace in the world. This week, TIME Inc. delivered a crop of tens of thousands of timeless back issues that …

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FIPP – Getting the world to read – the story

Changing the world one magazine at a time has been’s mission since the seed for its creation was planted back in 1994. Today the charity puts magazines into the hands, homes, and hearts of underprivileged children and families to

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Independence from poverty – the mathematics of reading. 

Literacy = freedom + prosperity = dignity = civility. 

As Independence Day approaches, is redoubling its efforts to zero in on three focus areas that we know we can broadly replicate to attack illiteracy as a root cause of …

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Cornell student publishers pay their magazine forward for literacy


by Rosemary O’Regan – Cornell Business Review

cbr_logoAs an undergraduate, I have always been reminded that college is the ultimate opportunity to network, form connections and gain contacts that will surely be valuable later on in my career and …

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Friends in high places fuel our global literacy moonshot

We have friends in high places – angels in the cloud, rocketeers like our superheroes at Bendyworks, who fuel and light the engines of our global literacy moonshot. Those familiar know that there is actually a rocket scientist at …

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New Madison office heralds the next chapter of the story

Two-thirds of U.S. kids in poverty – 10 million+ children – live in homes with no books. We can fix that today. 35,000 moms and kids spend each night in a domestic violence shelter. We can bring them comfort tonight.

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NJ Assemblyman Carmelo G. Garcia Mobilizes Massive Magazine Delivery for Literacy Programs Statewide via Food Bank

Feeding people hungry to read – International Literacy Day mobilization delivers 275,000 magazines to kids and families

Hoboken, NJ — Marking the United Nation’s celebration of International Literacy Day on September 8th, New Jersey Assemblyman Carmelo G. Garcia (D-Hudson),

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Children’s Hunger Alliance distributes 13,000 free magazines to Ohio Children

Local agency helps combat childhood hunger, summer learning loss

Children’s Hunger Alliance (CHA) distributed 13,000 free children’s magazines to Ohio children as part of their summer nutrition programs.  CHA is working to help prevent childhood hunger, summer weight gain and …

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Do Magazine Literacy

Power up magazine literacy operations.

You love magazines!

Support our literacy operations.

Contact us to tell us how you can do magazine literacy.

Learn more.…

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Give the gift of magazines for literacy

We’re 10! Join the party – give the gift of magazines for literacy

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Magazines and Family Literacy

Donate NowWith titles for every reading level and interest, magazines are special for literacy. They have tremendous value for literacy programs and for the at-risk readers. Learn more about the power of magazines for reading.  Help us change the world – …

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Call to action

We know that literacy has the power to end poverty. We also know that, with titles for every reading level and interest, magazines are especially powerful for literacy.

According to a study by the U.S. Department of Education, there …

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Rise Up for Literacy!

There is a role for everyone in our project and we need your involvement now more than ever. is blessed with amazing amounts of technology and human support that allows us to run lean literacy operations – pushing limits …

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Give the gift of literacy

Join us to give the gift of literacy to bring comfort to children and moms in homeless and domestic violence shelters, homeless students and families, people who pick-up groceries at food pantries, teens and adults in mentoring and job training …

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How the Magazine Literacy Marketplace Works


[View video]…

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Greg Barber – feeding people hungry to read

Greg – a golfing enthusiast – delivers Conde Nast Golf Digest to the Long Island Cares Food Bank

by John Mennell

On September 8th we are celebrating the United Nation’s International Literacy Day, our 10th birthday and the wonderful …

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Urban League Young Professionals Team to deliver 15,000 magazines for literacy and target 1 million magazines pledged nationwide by Earth Day

Realizing the dream – Founder John Mennell with Urban League of Greater Madison Young Professionals President Nia Trammell celebrate 120,000+ magazines supplied by Conde Nast for readers via food banks, mentoring, and job training programs. 

Madison, WI— Marking the …

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Gearing Up for Literacy – Flux Moped Powers Magazine Drive for At-Risk Readers

Makers and Gearheads Share Favorite Magazines to Inspire Teens to Dream

Madison, WI— Combining sustainability with literacy to celebrate International Literacy Day, Flux Moped and have teamed to collect gently read recycled car, biking, outdoor sports, science and …

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Literacy bees swarm the stack

We have an enormous task to sort and deliver hundreds of thousands of magazines to new readers in Wisconsin, New Jersey, New York City, and Long Island. This “literacy bee” came together recently in Madison to swarm the stack of …

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New Jersey – Rise Up for Literacy – We need help with massive statewide literacy deliveries

Max and Maggie the Literacy Bees

“Swarm the stack!” We need your help and lots of help from individuals and groups to pick-up and bundle thousands of recycled and donated magazines for delivery to children, families, and job trainees for literacy.


These are rapid deployments.

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POP-UP LITERACY – We Need Your Help with a Massive Magazine Sorting Project

MADISONRise Up for Literacy!

Max and Maggie the Literacy Bees“Swarm the stack!” We need your help and lots of help from individuals and groups to sort 15,000 recycled and donated magazines for delivery to children, families, and job trainees for literacy. 

We only

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Daydreaming fanastic possiblities as covers of magazines

By John Mennell

As a teen, I devoured every copy of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics that I could get my hands on. It’s one of the reasons that we are so delighted when thousands of copies of these and …

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FOR LITERACY: Fashion Magazines (NJ1-079)

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Rise Up for Literacy!

Illustration by Michael Mennell is blessed with amazing amounts of technology and human support that allows us to run lean literacy operations – we are still all volunteers – pushed to the limit and eager to bring a truly …

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Capital Times/77 Square – Promoting literacy and job skills, one magazine at a time

Growing up with a house full of reading material is something many of us took for granted. We cut our teeth on Dr. Seuss and Laura Ingalls Wilder and eventually figured out that we could not only understand, but were

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Publishing Executive – Three Steps to Better Industry Health, from a Display Manufacturer

John Mennell is the founder and impassioned spokesperson for Magazine Literacy, and from time to time I get calls from people who are inspired by his fervor to get involved in any way possible. Mennell’s got initiatives with the homeless,

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A newspaper man and a french horn maestro gift 150,000 magazines to children

“…to challenge young girls… challenge them to enjoy and make the utmost of those few and precious years of childhood”

– Don and Jane Evans via Marilyn Edwards

Tom and Marilyn Edwards are modest heroes who never self-promote, but this …

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Gift of 150,000 Kid’s Magazines and Whole Foods Newsstand Campaign Pay Magazines Forward for Literacy

Media Release

Madison, WI— At 16, John Mennell, founder of, and a friend cleaned out an abandoned school to create a teen center for their hometown. At 26, he knocked on the door of a food pantry …

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M-DAY – Liberate Newsstand Magazines for Literacy


Make a donation today and we will use 100% of it to get magazines you love to read and share to at-risk readers via food pantries, job training, mentoring, and other literacy programs.

Thank you!


M-DAY Magazine Drive for

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Gift of 150,000 Boy’s Quest, Hopscotch for Girls, and Fun for Kidz magazines catapults literacy for at-risk kids

by John Mennell has received a gargantuan gift of up to 150,000 issues of Boy’s Quest, Hopscotch for Girls, and Fun for Kidz magazines for delivery to at-risk children via food banks and mentoring programs. The collaboration …

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Ryleco displays create POP-up Literacy!

Doug Forrestal at Ryleco Displays has big ideas, a big heart, and is a man who takes action – he sees what can be and asks why not?

We have a mantra at MagazineLiteracy.orgiMAGine what’s possible, and make

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Mr. Magazine – Building a Pipeline to Literacy – One Magazine at a Time…

Making a difference in people’s lives is the paramount reason John Mennell founded Years earlier, working with hunger relief, he came to the conclusion that people who had very little food probably had very little reading material as well,

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Young professional males love to read magazines as much as their moms

by John Mennell

Once a month, we hold a “First Sunday” magazine bundling event in our office to sort and create packages of recycled magazines for our literacy marketplace. I recently made the tactical error of starting off a welcoming …

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So, you make magazines live again

by John Mennell

So, you make magazines live again!

                 – A new reader and friend

Eight months ago I wrote a post about encountering a stranger in the street and vowed to know his name. Yesterday, within fifteen minutes of …

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Poverty is big, but you are bigger – empty this Whole Foods newsstand for literacy

Whole Foods Magazine Drive

Whole Foods Magazine Harvest

by John Mennell

We’ve just secured our first newsstand magazine drive at a Whole Foods scheduled for Earth Month from store open to close on Saturday April 12th and Sunday April 13th in Madison, WI. Every …

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With precious magazines paid forward, we are rebels with tat mags and a cause

Andy and Craig were taken from their friends and families too soon and unexpectedly to make any sense.  Their soul mates – Tiffany and Carol – have payed their precious magazine collections forward to fuel literacy and self-esteem for at-risk …

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Shine United ad agency reads & recycles magazines for literacy extending supply chain reach

Welcome to Shine United – one part ad agency, one part digital shop, one part nitrous-burning Chevy Nova with the pedal to the floor. At Shine, our thinking is bold, our ideas fresh, and our creative not for those in

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Publishing Executive – Magazine Literacy & Kitchen Gallery Team Up to Support Job Training, Homeless Reading

John Mennell hasn’t been letting the grass grow under his feet. Since I last spoke to him, the founder of The Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project has moved ahead on lots of fronts. He’s got a cute new video explaining

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Share our Kitchen Gallery culinary magazine drive poster

Please share our Kitchen Gallery Culinary Magazine Drive poster and contact us to collect new and recycled magazines at your shop for literacy.

Learn more about the Kitchen Gallery magazine collection for literacy.

Event Poster

Event Poster


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Kitchen Gallery harvests delicious culinary magazines for hungry readers

We celebrate our love in February. Ring the dinner bell and light the candles! We’ve cooked up an idea with the Kitchen Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin that we can serve up with any shop on every Main St. and every …

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Beloit College Center for Entrepreneurship hosts Distrupt Poverty talk

Our literacy journey continued last night with this Disrupt Poverty talk at the amazing Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education in Beloit (CELEB).  This tech start-up, art, media, maker, co-working space is staffed by a group of passionate young …

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Bendyworks kicks-off design of MagPower Magazine Literacy Marketplace

Today we had the great pleasure and privilege to spend the day with the awesomely talented Steve, Mic, Rachel, Matt, and Jon from Bendyworks – a world renowned agile software development shop in Madison, WI – to kick-off the design …

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All aboard a high-speed literacy train powered by One Month Rails

by John Mennell
Conceived twenty and incorporated ten years ago – 2014 is a watershed for – a time for renewal, reinvention and growth.  With titles for every age and interest, and arriving in hands, homes, and hearts every …

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How a two year-old nailed the power of magazines for literacy in four words

by John Mennell

Steve Blank – author of Four Steps to the Epiphany – is credited with launching the lean start-up movement, further evangelized by Eric Ries, Beth Kanter, and others.  A commandment of Blank’s “Customer Development” model …

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Consumers pay their favorite magazines forward for literacy

Consumers coast-to-coast are paying their favorite magazines forward by recycling them for literacy. Fully in the holiday and the recycling spirit, the magazines are arriving in every type of gift box imaginable, like this beautiful Vanity Fair magazine that arrived …

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Thank you Urban Land Interests for bringing magazines for literacy home

Urban Land Interests – a force in Madison – are superheroes for providing us literacy logistics.

Thank you Urban Land Interests for helping to reshape our magazine recycling operations, so we can reach our full promise.…

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Magazines Deliver Holiday Gift of Literacy to Arctic Children and Families


Owlkids, Condé Nast answer Canadian family’s wish to deliver thousands of magazines to Inuit readers at the top of the world.

Nunavut, Canada — While Santa’s helpers ready good cheer for the globe, “Team Duffy” – Beth, Dan, and their …

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UW Theta Chi Kicks-off Madison Magazine Bundling for Literacy

Thank you to Sherri, our Volunteer Coordinator, and the members of the University of Wisconsin Theta Chi Fraternity – Sam, Joe, Karsten, Jack, Alec, and Eric – who sorted and created 14 recycled magazine bundles for literacy. Theta Chi has …

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Journalist David Bornstein makes the case for solution storytelling

Please enjoy this TEDx talk by New York Times columnist and journalist David Bornstein, author of  How to Change the World and Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know

Our vision at is to create a solution that …

Posted in Blog in a nutshell is the first and only global, magazine industry-wide literacy campaign for at-risk readers.

Freedom and prosperity depend on literacy.

Magazines are especially powerful literacy resources. gets new and recycled magazines to literacy programs for at-risk children, teens, and …

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Westfield Comics joins forces with Arctic Airlift for Literacy

By Dan Johnson

Madison, WI— Westfield Comics,, Comics for Heroes, and Reading with Pictures are joining forces to collect comics for Inuit schools and families north of the Arctic Circle. The “Arctic Airlift for Literacy” will

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An industry voice sparks a global dialogue for magazine powered literacy

So, Mr. John Mennell, if you read this, I need your help. Yes, it’s not via email because other people who share your cause are bound to read this and share their own ideas. How will I start? What can

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Magazines are game changers for literacy

By John Mennell

I am met with beaming smiles from the children and words of gratitude from the mothers on every delivery. A program director commented that ‘magazines are engaging, not intimidating, and the women love having the resource.’ The

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Celebrate Children’s Magazine Month in October

Feed children and families hungry to read. October is Children’s Magazine Month. We are celebrating by increasing our volunteer literacy force – coast to coast and beyond!

Join us. Share the magazine love!

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Magazines flow for literacy at the River Food Pantry

River NewsstandMagazines are flying off the shelves at this newsstand.

We’ve partnered with Dane County food pantries and today made our first magazine deliveries and set up a magazine newsstand at the River Food Pantry in time for 250+ families who …

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The difference between 0 and 1 is infinity.

The difference between 0 and 1 is infinity — the difference between doing nothing and doing something is immense — between talking and walking. Every journey, no matter how far or high begins with one step, followed by another. Before …

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It’s time to harvest magazines to feed kids and families hungry to read

by John Mennell

I recently visited the Field of Dreams in Iowa and stood at the far edge of the outfield where it meets the corn ready to harvest.

The harvest season is upon us – when farmers reap what …

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Jazz magazines are music to our eyes

One of the great powers of magazines for literacy is that there are wonderful titles for every age, reading level, and interest – from infant to adult and spanning every imaginable subject.

Today, we received our first donation of jazz …

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Do things because they are hard – our magazine literacy moonshot

by John Mennell

foot-print-iconI just received my google chromecast and fired up a favorite speech on YouTube to try it out – President Kennedy’s speech at Rice University about rocketing to the moon.

William Bradford, speaking in 1630 of the

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