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How to be a magazine “Bundler”


Please read the following and contact us with questions.

Bundlers” – take a few extra steps to prepare the magazines and comics, such as handling mailing labels, sorting, and listing them in each flat rate box, which becomes a Literacy Bundle” that you can deliver locally or post in our online marketplace. Local delivery will require some advance outreach to identify nearby literacy programs. Literacy programs can order the Bundles and receive them at no cost with bundlers or sponsors covering the shipping expenses. Bundlers can conduct fundraising to cover shipping expenses, or we can work with you to “crowdfund” the expense via online tools and social media. You would keep each Bundle until ordered for shipping or make local deliveries. If shipping via USPS flat rate boxes, once funded, we will send you a postage label. Once you receive the USPS label, you can take the package to the Post Office or can schedule free pick-up on the USPS website.

Follow these step-by-step details for creating literacy bundles.

Here’s why we use Postal and other delivery services.

Here’s the bundling lifecycle:

Magazine Bundling Process

Volunteer bundlers follow this step-by-step process:

First register a a volunteer bundler or register to get magazines.

  1. Bundlers collect, sort and create bundles of recycled magazines and comics for new readers – we can set up a special page on our website for your team that you can send to friends.
  2. Bundlers can make local deliveries or create a list of the magazines and comics in each bundle with images for posting in our online Literacy Marketplace.
  3. Literacy Programs register and then order bundles of reading materials from the Literacy Marketplace.
  4. Bundlers and Donors fund the delivery of bundles to literacy programs or bundlers make local deliveries. You can set up a “crowdfunding” social media campaign to raise funds and we can set up a special donation button on our website for your team that you can share with friends and colleagues.
  5. For magazines posted in our online Marketplace (steps 5 – 9): staff confirm with bundler that bundles are ready for shipping.
  6. staff send a shipping label with postage to the bundler.
  7. Bundlers seal bundles of magazines and comics and add the shipping label with postage.
  8. Bundlers schedule pick-up of the bundle by the US Postal Service for delivery.
  9. Bundles are picked-up, shipped and delivered by the US Postal Service.
  10. Bundles of recycled reading materials are received by literacy programs for at-risk readers.

Magazines are very powerful literacy resources and we appreciate your support.  We are organizing local volunteer teams to collect, sort, and bundle magazines for delivery to literacy programs.  Volunteer here.

Raise funds or donate now to support our local literacy deliveries – 100% of funds received supports literacy.

Thank you for helping us to change the world – one magazine, one comic book, one reader at a time.  Please share this with others and contact us if you have any questions.

  • CHEFS Homeless Job Training

    Homeless, Job Training
    40 men and women
    San Francisco, CA USA
    Needs: 40 Magazines
    Magazines Requested: Food Network magazine

  • Rocking the Boat

    501(c)(3) charity
    Bronx, NY
    Serving roughly 75 boys and girls (high school)
    Magazines Requested: Wooden Boat magazine, Fine Woodworking, Sail, National Geographic

  • Senior Star Adult Medical Daycare

    Mentoring, Job Training, and Education
    100 people age 50 and older and 50 people age 21-40
    Ewing, NJ, USA
    Needs: 180 Magazines
    Magazines Requested: culinary skills magazines (30), home magazines (30), computer magazines (30), learning magazines (30), and entertainment magazines (50)

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