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One of the most effective ways to raise funds for a cause that you care about is by reaching out across your social and professional networks. Crowdfunding is a way to combine donations from the people you know to support your fundraising goal. has partnered with the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to provide an effective tool that you can easily use to set up a personal or team fundraiser to support our literacy mission. You will find some great tutorials below to get you started.

100% of the funds you raise are used to get magazines and comics to at-risk readers via literacy programs.

How to start your campaign:

  1. Using this button will connect your fundraising campaign to the partner page.
  2. The first step is to select the campaign type. Be sure to select “Non-profit” for the campaign type.
  3. Set a literacy fundraising goal that you want to achieve and that you know you can meet and exceed within the campaign timeframe that you set (there is a $500 minimum campaign goal on Indiegogo).
  4. You will enter information on a series of pages to create your campaign. Page 5 is the funding page.
  5. Be sure to select “Non-profit” for funds recipient and enter our Federal Tax ID number: 20-1142954


Crowdfunding 101 – videos to get your started:

Here is just one example of a literacy campaign that you can organize for your community – send magazine gifts to the children and moms in a domestic abuse shelter:

We know that each night 35,000+ women, many who are mom’s with children, seek the safety of a domestic abuse shelter. wants to provide every child and every mom a favorite magazine to comfort them and to promote reading. We want to do this for every mom and child in every domestic abuse shelter in every community in the U.S. and elsewhere.

This involves identifying a shelter in your community and asking them if they want to receive a new children’s magazine and consumer magazine for each child and mom. Next, get the average monthly count of women and children in the shelter – this will determine how many publications we’ll need to supply. Use the number $25 multiplied by the number of children plus the number of moms to arrive at your campaign goal.

Choose a shelter with a count that is within the fundraising goal you think you can reach by requesting donations from your social and professional networks. For example, a shelter with 10 moms and 10 children a month, on average, equals a fundraising goal of $500 (which is Indiegogo’s minimum goal). This will provide the shelter with magazines every month for a year, so will reach many new readers each month, multiplying your impact.

There are so many other ideas – whatever you can iMAGine!

There are many ways to organize a succussful camapaign. Here are some great tips:

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