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Our Global Literacy Mission:

To help increase global literacy by providing new and gently used magazines to school and nonprofit organizations operating in countries or regions lacking in educational resources, and where literacy rates are lowest, with emphasis on enhancing girls’ education through access to reading materials. is pursuing this mission by establishing and working to achieve national-level goals, and by encouraging community-level efforts to support these goals. The global literacy mission is intended to align with UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular, Goal 4, Quality Education and Goal 5, Gender Equality.

National Level Goals

Goal 1: Research and identify nonprofit organizations and NGOs currently involved in literacy or humanitarian efforts, and foster relationships to increase awareness of’s mission and resources.

Goal 2: Leverage activities and distribution channels of existing organizations to transport our magazines to communities in need by creating and supporting ongoing joint programs.

Goal 3: Create and provide background materials, content and information focusing on overseas work and success stories.

Goal 4: Enhance and establish long-term alliances with publishers to promote global efforts and increase our stock of materials in a diversity of languages for overseas distribution.

Goal 5: Create a checklist to determine partner organization needs and ensure those needs are adequately met.

Goal 6: Promote and share information on organizational contact, success stories and lessons learned across local groups to foster mutual support and improve overseas operations.

Goal 7: Continue responding to magazine requests submitted through the website.

Goal 8: Conduct fundraising campaigns to cover shipping costs for online magazine requests and develop partnerships with shipping companies and airlines to piggyback on planned humanitarian airlifts.

Goal 9: Develop guidelines for types of magazines considered appropriate for global distribution.

Goal 10: Create a process to track overseas efforts and monitor and evaluate effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

Community Level Actions

Here’s how you can support our mission and national goals in your own community!

Step 1:  What are your community involvements?

Think about your personal relationships through professional and charitable organizations, or your school, and determine if their mission is aligned with’s global goals.

Step 2: Reach out!

Identify and contact those in your network who are directly involved with overseas work. Examples include: ethnic or cultural organizations, rotary clubs, school clubs, religious mission groups, girl or boy scouts, refugee support groups and others.

Step 3: What do others need to know?

Supply background materials and links to’s website, blog and newsletter, or offer to create a group presentation

Step 4: Work out the logistics!

Use our handy Coordination Checklist to ensure that the right magazines make it into the right hands in a timely manner:

Coordination Checklist

  • Who are the key personnel and what are their roles?
  • Determine the schedule — what is the frequency of trips and the countries visited?
  • What languages are spoken? Are English language materials appropriate?
  • How many children are served, and what are their ages and reading levels?
  • How many pounds of magazines can be transported (e.g., typically, 1 medium flat rate USPS box can hold 10-15 lbs of magazines)?
  • What topics or specific magazines titles would be appropriate?
  • Is there any interest in receiving magazines for adult readers? If so, consider magazines with instructional/educational content such as cooking, building, art/design, engineering, computers, gardening, nature, history, etc.

Step 5: How did it go?

Be sure to request photos of your magazines being delivered, as well as feedback on how they were received.

Feedback & Evaluation Checklist

  • Were the magazines appropriate in language, content and reading level?
  • Were materials culturally appropriate?
  • How were the magazines received?
  • Was the need met? Are more magazines needed? If so, how frequently?
  • What worked well? What should you do differently next time?

Step 6: Encourage others!

Tell your friends, family and social networks about your success — there’s no limit to the partnerships and programs that can be generated! Promote your program through magazine drives to build up your supply of gently-used magazines and raise awareness.


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