Literacy ends poverty. Reading is where it all begins. Join us.

How it works is the first and only global, magazine industry-wide literacy campaign.  Magazines and comics are an enormously powerful literacy resource. Our mission is to get favorite new magazines and comics and recycled magazines and comics to at-risk children and families via community literacy programs.

We focus on the following priorities, where the needs are greatest and we can have the greatest impact:

How it works

  1. Literacy Programs register and post literacy needs by creating a wishlists of magazines and comics, and placing orders in our online marketplace.
  2. Consumers and Businesses fund new and send recycled magazines and comics for literacy.
  3. Magazines and comics get to new readers via literacy programs.

Crowdfunding Literacy via the Magazine Literacy Marketplace Download PDF

Here are the steps:

  1. Literacy Programs register with providing information about their literacy goals, the list and counts of magazines and comics requested (their wishlist), their contact information and delivery address.
  2. profile for the literacy program and reading materials requested is posted on our website.
  3. Donate NowConsumers and businesses make financial contributions on our website that are pooled to cover the expense of sending new and recycled magazines and comics to meet literacy program needs. They may direct their support toward specific agency needs or toward their favorite magazines or comics available in our MagPower Literacy Marketplace.  100% of donated funds are used to get magazines and comics to literacy programs for at-risk children and families – zero dollars are spent on administrative expenses.
  4. USPS Medium Flat Rate BoxNew magazine and comics are bulk shipped by publishers to the literacy programs each month.
  5. Recycled magazines and comics are bundled by local volunteer teams for literacy programs.
  6. Literacy Programs distribute the magazines and comics to readers – the at-risk children and families they serve via shelters, mentoring, job training, and other community literacy programs.
  7. Literacy Programs provide feedback that helps us to understand our impact and improve our operations.

iMAGine Magazine Literacy 

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