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Donate now and challenge your social and professional contacts to match your commitment and to engage their networks to contribute too.

We love magazines And comics and we know works – we’ve sent hundreds of thousands of new and recycled magazines and comics to at-risk children and families via community literacy programs and can send millions more. We get magazines in four ways:

  1. Consumers and businesses donate funds to sponsor literacy needs and we buy bulk subscriptions.  Our generous sponsor commitments range from $25 – $10,000+ to support literacy needs.
  2. Consumers buy gift subscriptions for literacy – fueled by circulation promotions.
  3. Consumers buy newsstand magazines collected for literacy at the point of sale like a food drive and donate them our local teams coast to coast.
  4. Consumers, students, businesses, and publishers recycle their magazines from home, work, school, and throughout the supply chain that we bundle for delivery to literacy programs.

Donate now.  We need your financial support to get to the next level so we can meet our full promise. Whether $25 or $25,000, every single dollar of your personal financial commitment to magazine literacy counts.

Why your support for literacy operations is mission critical – We know that magazines are a special and enormously powerful literacy resource. We also know that our literacy program resonates passionately with everyone who loves magazines. By funding our operations only with dollars from magazine industry stakeholders and angel philanthropists like you, we can keep our promise forever that 100% of community financial donations are used to get magazines to literacy agencies serving at-risk children and families.

Join the Power-up challenge: We need you to make a donation to get us to the next level. We need every person in the industry – from the mail room to the boardroom – editors, circulation managers, publishers, ad men and women, writers, printers, vendors, interns – everyone – to believe in and to make a personal donation to support our operations.

How we make the most of your financial support: We run lean to achieve an enormous positive impact – We are fanatical about doing everything possible to run lean, highly leveraged operations to get the biggest bang from your financial support:

Thank you for being a magazine literacy champion!

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