Literacy ends poverty. Reading is where it all begins. Join us.



Subscribe to literacy operationsSupport from every person in every corner of the publishing industry is needed to unleash the awesome literacypower of magazines and comics for at-risk readers.

We love magazines and comics for literacy

Reading is where it all begins. gives publishers and consumers a meaningful pipeline to share the magazines and comics they love to end illiteracy and poverty, worldwide. We recycle magazines and comics bought and read to at-risk readers, channel new gift magazines to kindred enthusiasts via literacy programs, and deliver available publisher back issues to meet the literacy needs of eager readers in mentoring and job training, homeless and domestic abuse shelters, food pantries, orphan and foster care programs.

Use this form to provide your contact information to explore consumer gift promotions and to let us about magazines you’d like to recycle for literacy:

With titles for every reading age, interest, and language, magazines and comics are the most powerful literacy engines on the planet. Our mission is to share the experience, engagement, and benefits of reading magazines by delivering new and recycled magazines and comics to at-risk children and families via literacy programs.

Our success depends on sustainable partnerships with each and every magazine and comic book publishing company, title, and division – editors, publishers, retail and circulation pros.

We promote and make magazines and comics available to literacy programs, nationwide and around the world.

We seek joint consumer and business sponsorship opportunities via retail and consumer promotions.

We seek every available back issue for at-risk readers.

We reach at-risk readers via food pantries, homeless and domestic violence shelters, mentoring, and job training programs.

How it works.

  1. Literacy Programs register and post literacy needs by creating a wishlists of magazines and comics, and placing orders in our online marketplace.
  2. Consumers and Businesses fund new and send recycled magazines and comics for literacy.
  3. Magazines and comics get to new readers via literacy programs.

“To reach our full promise we must rally the industry to plant our literacy seed in the minds and hearts of publishing stakeholders. Help us tell our story to those who want to share the magazines and comics they love with literacy champions, children, and families who need them.”

iMAGine magazine literacy, and make it so.

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Thank you!