Join us to end illiteracy and poverty.

Magazine Harvest – Recycle Magazines for Literacy


Recycling the magazines and comics you love to new readers is a meaningful way to end illiteracy and poverty, worldwide. With titles for every reading age, interest, and language, magazines and comics are the most powerful literacy engines in the planet. 

Magazine Harvest recycles your clean, gently read magazines and comics to new readers – feeding kids and families hungry to read. Bundles of recycled magazines and comics prepared by local volunteer teams are posted to our online MagPower Marketplace for selection by literacy programs.

Please complete the information and submit this form to learn more about how to recycle your magazines to us for readers in literacy programs. Please use the comment field to tell us some information about the magazines you want to send:

Learn how to recycle your magazines.

Recycling magazines and comics to new readers addresses both environmental and literacy needs. A magazine harvest works like a holiday food drive, but feeds hungry readers. Magazines and comics can be collected at home, school, work or by any community organization or business. Surplus magazines and comics that would otherwise be discarded and destroyed can be rescued from throughout the magazine supply chain – from consumers, publishers, distributors, wholesalers, and retail newsstands – and distributed to after-school programs, food pantries, homeless and domestic violence shelters, mentoring and job training programs, and other community literacy efforts.

How it works.

  1. Literacy Programs register and post literacy needs by creating a wishlists of magazines and comics, and placing orders in our online marketplace.
  2. Consumers and Businesses fund new and send recycled magazines and comics for literacy.
  3. Magazines and comics get to new readers via literacy programs.

Magazine Literacy Marketplace - Share

Thank you for helping us to change the world – one magazine, one comic, one reader at a time.  Please share this with others and contact us, if you have questions.

  • CHEFS Homeless Job Training


    Homeless, Job Training
    40 men and women
    San Francisco, CA USA
    Needs: 40 Magazines
    Magazines Requested: Food Network magazine

  • Nunavut Inuit Families


    Education Program
    1,500 children and adults
    Nunavut Territory, Canada
    Needs: 250 magazines and comics
    National Geographic Little Kids, National Geographic Readers Digest, Sports Illustrated, education and fishing magazines, and comics.

  • Casa Ramona Academy for Technology, Community, and Education


    School or Library
    San Bernardino, CA
    Need magazines for 22 males and 18 females between the ages of 11-16 years old
    Magazines Requested: Boys Life, Girls Life, National Geographic, Odyssey, Dig, Owl, Cobblestone, Ask en Español, Faces, Jack and Jill

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