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Child Reading a Magazine

Putting magazines into the hands, homes, and hearts of children and families who want to learn and love to read them.

Read about the enormous power of magazines for literacy in the words of our stakeholders.

Homeless Women’s Shelter

“We LOVE this program. We have found so many ways to share these wonderful magazines… Women are able to relax before class with a magazine…  We have shared the magazines with all of the families that come here… We’ve never had magazines to give away in the past, so we are excited about that. I’ve used the magazines in a group called “Women Leading Through Reading” – a small group of women who get together every week to read about issues important to them. We use books too, but the magazines are nice because they also have pictures! Like I’ve said before, magazines are so attractive and less threatening than books, so readers at all levels will pick one up.”

Boys and Girls Club

“The magazines have enriched our Education Center, our Reading Buddies program and recreational time for our members. We are so appreciative to have these magazines, and the ownership the kids can take really encourages them to read more.”

Homeless Family Shelter

“The first day Anthony received his magazine he said, ‘Wow!’ ‘Cool!’ He began to start reading as soon as he picked the magazine. I was so surprised to see him reading, because he always told me how much he hates to read. About two days later, Anthony told me how he would read his magazine at school during quiet time, and he would let his friends read the magazines also. Anthony reads to his 3 year old sister more often, and now he is comfortable reading out loud.”

Domestic Violence Shelter

“We serve 35 to 50 children each day. Our children are almost always behind grade and culturally deprived. Therefore, we emphasize reading and learning experiences with them and their mothers… we are interested in securing magazines that we can use here and want to give each child, when he or she leaves, an age appropriate magazine subscription.”

Youth Mentoring Program

“The Magazine Literacy Program has been an amazing asset to our programming for at-risk youth. Children are able to enjoy the magazine with their mentor and share it with other siblings at home. Magazine Literacy is an example of a wonderful community partnership.”

Sports Mentoring Program

“We strive to build resiliency in our kids through a winning combination of literacy and tennis instruction. Our experience working with at-risk youth over the past eight years has demonstrated that literacy is key to improving our students’ academic performance and to building their self-esteem. Having their very own subscriptions to magazines not only provides a new opportunity for reading fun but also offers new insights into the game of tennis, a sport that teaches our students important life skills and one
they can play throughout their lives.”

Early Education Program

“The children loved the opportunity to receive the magazines. We hope that this program continues, so that the children in our program can access new ways to enjoy reading.”

Magazine Harvest Volunteer

“I am met with beaming smiles from the children and words of gratitude from the mothers on every delivery. A program director commented that ‘magazines are engaging, not intimidating, and the women love having the resource.’ The shelters have used the magazines to teach families about health and nutrition, finances, parenting, and positive images in the media. I met a young woman and her baby boy in a shelter. She told me she and her son were moving into a new apartment, so she was thrilled with the home/style magazines and was grateful for the parenting magazines too. All of the shelters have said the magazines provide an immense source of stress relief for their residents.”

Small Business Owner

“It still amazes me how many adults can’t read or write, and even more amazing is that the numbers continue to grow. Something must be done to reverse this alarming trend. I believe that the Magazine Publishers Family Literacy Project, tailored locally by teachers and administrators to enhance school reading programs, can do just that. The magazines provided through this program will instill motivation to those who may not have it, and help children learn reading skills in an exciting, colorful and relevant environment. Given that solid reading abilities open up so many opportunities, this grassroots initiative can truly have global impact. It is an honor to be associated with a program that can have such a clear-cut, positive influence on today’s children and tomorrow’s leaders.”

Third Grade Teacher

“Children’s magazines enhance our reading program by providing our students with high interest, motivating reading material, exposing them to another reading resource that includes a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. When motivated, these students have a greater incentive to learn and practice good reading strategies. The magazines provide this motivation. Our students are able to take these high interest magazines home to read and enjoy thereby increasing their reading skills. They also share them with their families, which produces additional benefit.”

  • Sunshine Acres Children’s Home School

    501(c)(3) Charity, School or Library
    Serve children ranging from 1st grade to college
    Mesa, AZ, USA
    Needs: 100 magazines
    Magazines Requested: any history, science, outdoors, economic, and any other educational magazines.

  • Rocking the Boat

    501(c)(3) charity
    Bronx, NY
    Serving roughly 75 boys and girls (high school)
    Magazines Requested: Wooden Boat magazine, Fine Woodworking, Sail, National Geographic

  • Henderson Middle School

    School or Library
    Students Grades 6-8
    Richmond, VA USA
    Needs: 75 Magazines
    Magazines Requested Oprah, Ebony, Cobblestone, Highlights, Cricket, Calliope, OWL, Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic for Kids, Kids Discover, ASK, Ranger Rick, Zoobooks, Dig, Boys Life, Teen Magazines and Music Related Titles.

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