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The Power of Magazines and Comics for Literacy

Girl Reading a MagazineI am met with beaming smiles from the children and words of gratitude from the mothers on every delivery. A program director commented that ‘magazines are engaging, not intimidating, and the women love having the resource.’ The shelters have used the magazines to teach families about health and nutrition, finances, parenting, and positive images in the media.

There are many valuable and important reading materials, but we know that magazines and comics, with titles for every reading age, interest, and language, are especially powerful reading resources for children, families, teachers, and literacy programs. Consumers and business owners love to read and share magazines.

We all remember our favorite childhood memories reading magazines and comics. Adults who are unable to read were once children who did not learn how. A child who cannot read is unable to succeed in any school subject. Teachers and other literacy agents do not have enough good reading materials. Many families do not have reading materials at home – a basic like food. At some point each year, over a million children spend time in homeless or domestic violence shelters. They arrive with no possessions and little spirit. There, they find literacy champions passionate about feeding kids and families hungry to read and succeed.

Why give House Beautiful to a homeless person or Cooking Light to a hungry person?


There are wonderful magazines and comics for every age and interest. Like books and newspapers, magazines and comics offer special literacy benefits. If your eyes light up when your magazine arrives in the mail or when you see your favorite magazines and comics on a newsstand, then you know the joy of a child or family that receives their very own.

Learning how to read is vital to a child’s ability to succeed in every school subject and in life. Magazines and comics offer these readers important advantages. In today’s fast-paced world, literacy agents can very effectively reach children and adults with magazines and comics. Magazines and comics are colorful, topical, adventurous, and fun. They catch, then hold a readers’s attention, sparking imagination, encouraging more reading, and inspiring a lifetime positive impact on reading skills.

Children are faced with explosive physical, mental and social growth, and exhibit an impatient curiosity about the world around them. Information whizzes by in bits and bytes. Attention spans are fleeting. Magazines and comics are especially capable for reaching into a child’s world to deliver valuable information.

Your support unleashes the awesome potential of magazines and comics as a powerful literacy resource for community literacy agents who are passionate about helping kids and families to learn and love to read.

Join us.

Get magazines for your literacy program.

  • CHEFS Homeless Job Training

    Homeless, Job Training
    40 men and women
    San Francisco, CA USA
    Needs: 40 Magazines
    Magazines Requested: Food Network magazine

  • Senior Star Adult Medical Daycare

    Mentoring, Job Training, and Education
    100 people age 50 and older and 50 people age 21-40
    Ewing, NJ, USA
    Needs: 180 Magazines
    Magazines Requested: culinary skills magazines (30), home magazines (30), computer magazines (30), learning magazines (30), and entertainment magazines (50)

  • Wave City Care: Shine Program

    501(c)(3) charity
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Serving: Girls in from grades 5th through 12th
    Needs: 50 magazines per month, year round
    Magazines Requested: Girls teen, Career, National Geographic, Fashion, Home, Family, Women, Seventeen, Redbook, Teen Vogue, Self, Good Housekeeping, Home Journal, Ellle, Homes & Garden

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